Valladolid Fair will hold a new edition of Intur in November

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On Thursday the 14th, Intur Negocios will take place, the day for professionals

Intur Viajeros will open its doors on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Intur, the International Inland Tourism Fair, will hold a new edition next November. Feria de Valladolid prepares the contents of this event, which includes both professional aspects and the dissemination and promotion of destinations.

Thus, on Thursday, November 16, Intur Negocios will take place, a work scenario structured around the contracting market attended by national and international tour operators and travel agencies. Training talks and a commercial area complete the proposals aimed at professionals in different areas of inland tourism: accommodation, transport, meeting tourism, etc.

And starting on Friday the 17th, Intur Viajeros will open its doors, a large window into which thousands of visitors come to discover the proposals for cultural, sports, nature, industrial tourism, religious, historical, adventure, food and wine, music, etc

Intur is recognized as a complete international fair by the Ministry of Economy and is also part of the International Union of Fairs (UFI). Both qualifications confirm Intur as a benchmark for the inland tourism sector, backed by its track record, results, involvement and support of tourism professional groups.

The “UFI approved international event” label is a seal of global authority for high-quality exhibitions, subject to periodic audits according to the international standards of the association, which is implemented in 84 countries.

Among the destinations that have announced their participation in Intur next November are, for example, A Coruña, Navarra, Córdoba, Extremadura, Galicia, the Basque Country, Cantabria and Portuguese destinations such as the Lisbon region, Porto e Norte and the region Center.

Reasons for travel

Visits to family and friends with the main motivation of the trips made by residents in Spain during the past year. According to a Segittur report, they represent 41 percent of the almost 186 million trips. Leisure is in second place as a “driver”, with 23.78 percent; followed by sun and beach, with 15.71 percent; Culture is the fourth reason and generates 11.67 percent and nature is behind almost 8 percent of trips.

Other personal reasons to travel with food and wine tourism, shopping, sports, thermal and wellness tourism, language, religious, training tourism. In the category of trips for professional reasons, attendance at fairs, conferences and conventions appears.

The average stay of domestic travelers at their destination last year reached four nights, with an average expense per person per day of 73.25 euros. Thus, the expenditure generated by trips by residents in Spain amounted to 58,750 million euros.

Accommodation and transportation constitute the main expenditure items, with 14.73 and 14.12 million euros, respectively; Gastronomy totals 13.74 million, activities, 2.63 million and the rest is allocated to durable goods and other concepts.

The aforementioned report also reflects which are the favorite destinations (Madrid occupies first place with almost 12 million trips) and the sending communities: Andalusia, which has a population of 8.47 million, generates 31.8 million trips; Catalonia, 23.7 million trips and 7.75 million inhabitants; Comunitat Valenciana, 5.2 million residents and 18.4 million trips; and Castilla y León, 2.4 million inhabitants and 16.4 million trips.

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