In the global expo industry, success is determined by the selection of partners who focus on reliability, honesty and mutual satisfaction in transactions.
With a view to unlimited cooperation between event organisers, trade fair exhibitors and service providers, we have created Expoleo.
We provide you with a simple and, at the same time, functional tool, so that you can establish business contacts in major trade fair and conference venues around the world. We make every effort to make the portal a source of valuable information and fruitful cooperation for every specialist.

The following parties can benefit from our project:

  • trade fair exhibitors and event organisers who are looking for local service providers.
    Our directory contains listings of service companies and independent contractors grouped by specialisation, whose search can be shortlisted to the indicated areas.
    The possibility of making an inquiry makes cooperation offers more customized and the choice of supplier even easier.
    The organizers can notify everyone about upcoming events, or unexpected changes, by publishing an article in the Latest News category.
  • service companies, hostesses and staff who can offer their services in an industry portal with global reach.
    Just make sure your listing is up-to-date and visible to potential clients.
    New products and unique services are easier to be advertised by placing an article in the Super News category, the module of which is displayed on listings pages.

The directory of necessary industry knowledge is divided into 6 categories:

  1. casual workers and hostesses
  2. event item market
  3. expo industry info
  4. inquiries
  5. professional services
  6. wedding

Wishing you creative inspiration and industry development, we encourage you to enjoy Expoleo actively.

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