Terms of Use


Account – a set of data related to a given User, including information about his/her activity in the Portal, including information provided by the User.

Category – a thematic category to which Listing is assigned. A category can be divided into thematically related subcategories.

Day – 24 hours in succession.

Form – a template for application, message or Listing, defining the layout and content of transmitted information and materials.

General Terms of Use – Terms of Use hereof, defyining the terms and conditions of use of the Portal, available on the Portal website.

Limit – the number of Listings for selected categories that the User may publish in the Portal at a given time.

Listing – a single entry with the content, geolocation data, contact details, or multimedia files, uploaded to the Portal by sending a Form available on the Portal website.

Operator – PROCAFE, operating at Hufcowa 22b/11, 94-107 Lodz, Poland, REGON 100768880, EU VAT PL7272577527.

Portal – an online platform run by the Operator available in the domain expoleo.com.

Registration – the process of creating an Account by the User, after providing the User’s data, accepting the Regulations and activating the Account.

Services – free and payable services provided by the Operator to the User, including but not limited to: publication of a free and payable Listing or paid access to the content.

Subject – goods, services or information content covered by Listing.

Transaction – each agreement concluded between Users concerning the Item.

User – anyone, whether logged in or not, using the Portal.

General Provisions

Terms of use of the Portal, including the rules of Registration, publication of Listings and purchase of Paid Services, as well as issues related to payment and complaint procedure are specified in these Terms of Use. Each user of the Portal is obliged to read and accept the contents of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Services are provided by PROCAFE, operating at Hufcowa 22b/11, 94-107 Lodz, Poland, REGON 100768880, EU VAT PL7272577527. Contact with the Operator is possible at: support(at)expoleo.com

The User may only be a natural person with full legal capacity, a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, to which the act grants legal capacity.

Expoleo is a Portal with a subject matter closely related to the functioning of the event and exhibition industry.
The Portal enables the User to view free and paid content, use the Account and related functionalities, publish free and paid Listings within specific Limits.

The condition for proper use of the Portal and the Services provided is access to the Internet, a multimedia device equipped with an Internet browser with the support of Cookies and scripts enabled, and an active e-mail box.

The Operator will make every effort to ensure uninterrupted operation of the Portal. In order to ensure high quality of the Services and efficient functioning of the Portal, the Operator reserves the right to make interruptions in the functioning of the Portal, necessary to carry out the planned maintenance activities or to remove technical failures.

The Portal is not a place for concluding Transactions and the Operator is not a party to any Transaction.

The User shall be responsible for the information posted in the Listings, provided by the Contact Forms and shall bear the consequences related to the materials published therein.

The Account

To access and use some of the Services, you must Register and create an Account using your email address and password.

Registration of the Account requires filling in the Form available in the Portal. After filling in the data required for Registration, the confirmation and a link to activate the Account will be sent to the e-mail address indicated by the User. Registration shall be completed upon activation of the Account by the User.

The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his/her password. The User is responsible for all activities performed using his or her Account. If you believe that there has been a violation or unauthorized use of your Account, you should immediately contact the service department via the Contact Form.

The User may delete the Account by completing and submitting the Account deletion form. As soon as the Account is deleted, all Services provided within the Portal expire. Fees for unused services are not refunded.

The Operator is entitled to delete the Account if the User:

– has not logged into the account for a period longer than 24 months

– or, despite a prior call by the Operator to cease certain actions or omissions that violate the provisions of the Terms of Use or generally applicable law, continues the actions indicated in the call.

Publication of Listings

The Operator enables the User to publish Listings in the Portal. The publication of the Listings takes place after the User completes the appropriate Form available on the Portal.
Each Listing must be verified and approved by the Moderator before posting.

The published Listings must be related to the subject matter of the Portal.

Depending on the User’s Category and choices, contact details and multimedia files may be published in the Listing.

Together with the Listing, a Contact Form for sending messages and attachments between Users will be available.

The Listing published by the User in the Portal is available for all users of the Portal.

The Listing should be made in English. If the subject of the Listing is closely related to the planned event, it is acceptable to draw up the Listing in the language appropriate for the place or participants of that event. The text must be translatable using publicly available online translation tools.

The User chooses the Listing Category appropriate for the subject and the applicable Limits.

The Listing should contain an accurate, truthful and not misleading description of the Subject and its real locations. The User must be in possession of the Subject. If the Listing form allows you to select only one location, it should indicate the headquarters of the company or independent contractor.

Only inquiries regarding goods or services may be placed in the Inquiries Category, giving the exact address and date of their delivery or performance.

You may post paid Listings off the Limit. Time of posting and fees are given in the Table of Fees.

You can edit or delete any posted Listing. After changes have been made, Listing must be verified and re-approved by a moderator. A fee is charged for re-publishing the edited listing in accordance with the Table of Fees.
Moderation of Listings takes place on working days from 8 am to 6 pm CET.

Listings are posted in individual Categories in chronological order, i.e. Listings published later are higher on the list, while Listings with the label “Featured” are always ranked higher than others, and free listings are ranked lowest.

Users’ activities that are unlawful and incompatible with the Terms of Use

The User is entitled to use the Portal for its intended purpose. The User agrees not to undertake prohibited actions, such as:
– violating applicable laws or the Terms of Use;
– publishing threats or materials of an offensive, malicious, obscene or indecent nature;
– publishing illegal content;
– publishing Listings that are inconsistent with the subject matter of the portal or in inappropriate categories;
– publishing contact details outside the designated fields of the Forms;
– duplicating Listings or posting Listings on the same Subject from different Accounts;
– cheating or misleading;
– violating any third party rights;
– publishing and sending spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes using Contact Forms;
– distributing viruses or other viral technologies that may be harmful to the Portal, the Services or the interests/ownership of other Portal Users;
– unjustifiably charging the infrastructure of the Portal or interfering with the proper functioning of the Services;
– copying, modifying or distributing other persons’ content without their consent;
– bypassing measures preventing access to the Services or limiting their use.

In case of finding content that does not comply with the Terms of Use, the Operator may edit the incompatible content itself, call on the User to edit the incompatible content, refuse publication or delete Listing.
Should recurring illegal activities be found, the Operator may take technical and legal action to temporarily or permanently limit the right to use the Services to a User who violates the Terms of Use. The Operator may refuse to register or delete the Account of the User who violates the Terms of Use.
Furthermore, the User agrees that the Operator has no obligation to monitor any data or content transmitted and available in the Services.

If the User or another person considers that the content or materials violate their rights, personal rights, good manners, feelings, morals, beliefs, rules of fair competition, know-how, secrets protected by law or on the basis of an accepted obligation, they may notify the Operator of a potential violation in the Contact Form (available in the Listing – Report).


You may use the Paid Services whose current prices are listed in the Table of Fees. All the prices provided in the Portal are expressed in USD. The rules of VAT calculation are governed by the EU Council regulations on digital services provided on the Internet.

Payments in the Portal in the full amount required for the Service are made in advance. The User may make payment using one of the payment methods available.
Using any of the payment methods will require entering into a separate legal relationship with the provider of a given payment service and accepting its regulations. The Operator is not a party to such a relationship and has no possibility to interfere with its content or method of execution. Should the User encounter any problems with payment, he/she should contact the relevant payment operator to clarify any doubts or make a complaint.

The provision of the service by the Operator to a User running a registered business may be documented with a VAT invoice, in accordance with applicable regulations.

An invoice request, including the offer number, company name, European VAT number/VAT number, and company billing address, should be sent to the e-mail address payments(at)expoleo.com, no later than the last day of the month in which the payment was made.
The invoice in PDF format will be sent by e-mail to the address from which the request was submitted.

The Operator has the right to issue discount coupons and introduce temporary changes in prices of selected Services in connection with announced promotions. The list of active promotions is published in the Table of Fees.

Fees for services completed before the expiry date are not refunded, if:
– the listing is removed or edited by the User
– the Account is deleted by the User
– the listing is removed or the Account is deleted by the Operator due to violation of the Terms of Use by the User.

Publishing the edited listing requires paying another fee according to the Table of Fees.

Complaint Procedure

In case of non-performance or improper performance of the Services by the Operator or failure to perform them in accordance with the Terms of Use, the User has the right to submit a complaint directly to the Operator.

Any complaints concerning the functioning of the Portal or problems with the use of the Services should be reported in the Contact Form with a description of the claim and reasons for its submission, as well as data identifying the User submitting the claim and the scope of his or her requests.

The Operator considers the complaint within 14 Working Days of the date of its receipt, or receipt of supplementary information. A response to the complaint containing the way it is handled will be sent only to the e-mail address provided by the User.


The portal contains the content from the Operator and Users. The services of the Operator are subject to copyright law and international agreements. The content displayed in or through the Services is protected as collective work or compilation in accordance with the copyright law and international agreements.

You agree that you will not copy and distribute the Services, modify their content or use the Operator’s trademarks and copyrights without express written permission.
You may not decompile, reproduce or extract components or make any other attempt to obtain the source code of the Services. Without prejudice to the foregoing, you agree not to reproduce, copy, sell, resell or use for any other purpose any aspect of the Services (other than your Content).

If you post certain content, including images, you acknowledge and certify to the Operator that you may grant the Operator non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free and sub-licensable (multi-level) rights to copyright, trademark, database and intellectual property rights in such materials, their use in promotions and any media now or in the future and in any other sites, services, applications. Additionally, you agree that the Operator may exercise on your behalf personal copyrights in the content to the maximum extent permitted by law.

You may not publish content that violates the rights of third parties. This includes, but is not limited to, content that violates intellectual property rights, such as copyrights and trademarks. The Operator may remove content that violates these terms and conditions, the Terms of Use or the rights of any person.

Personal Information. If the User uses the Services, he/she agrees to the collection, transmission, storage and use of his/her personal information by PROCAFE as described in the Operator’s Privacy Policy.

Final Provisions

The rules published in these Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between the Operator and the User, and supersede all previous agreements.

If any part of these Terms of Use is found to be invalid or ineffective under applicable law, that part thereof must be interpreted in such a way that it complies with the applicable law and reflects, as closely as possible, the intentions of the relevant provision. The remaining parts of the Terms of Use remain in full force and effect.

To the extent not regulated by the Terms of Use, the applicable provisions of Polish law prevail. Any disputes arising under these Terms of Use or the Agreement, which the Parties fail to resolve first of all amicably, are then subject to resolution by a common court having jurisdiction over the Operator’s registered office.

The Operator has the right to decide to discontinue or suspend the provision of Services. In such a case, it shall inform the Users by posting appropriate information on the Website. The termination or suspension of the provision of Services may take place after at least 30 days from the date of posting the aforementioned information.

The Operator may update or change these Terms of Use at any time. Changes to the Terms of Use may be made for organisational, legal or technical reasons and may also concern changes in fees, price lists and terms of free and payable Services.
The Operator will notify the User about the content of the change of the Terms of Use at the latest 30 days prior to its implementation, by placing a message about the change of the Terms of Use on the website of the Portal, visible after correct logging into the Account, and maintaining this information for at least 14 days.
The User is entitled to terminate the Agreement for the provision of Paid Services no later than 14 days before the introduction of changes to the Terms of Use.
Services purchased prior to the effective date of the change to the Terms of Use are subject to the provisions of the Terms of Use in effect at the time of purchase.

The Terms of Use are valid from August 1, 2022 until the repeal or amendment thereof.