Safety Rules

When using our service you must be aware that we do not verify your identity. Anyone can send you a message using the contact form if you have published your listing or inquiry. Scammers may try to send infected messages with malware. Do not open any links or attachments if you have any doubts whether the message comes from a trusted source.

We make sure that entries in company categories are added by users who have registered using their company email account. Before publishing, entries in the following categories are checked: Inquiries, Latest News, Services.

We want to believe that all our members have sincere intentions and together they create the power of the expo industry. However, it cannot be ruled out that there will be those who do not respect the rules of cooperation and will try to exploit you illegally.

Read our Internet security suggestions, and if you discover any suspicious behavior, report it to us immediately.

If you consider that the content or materials violate your rights, please notify us via the Contact Form (available in the Listing – Report).